12 Days of Christmas Event

Might as well dive in head first, I suppose.

So, I have signed up to participate in the CWW (Christian Women Writers) ’12 Days of Christmas Event’ that starts tomorrow the 10th and goes through Dec. 21st. There will be cash prizes and gifts throughout the event and many, many talented authors will be participating.

I will be participating on the 11th and 16th from 7am to 11am EST, although I’m not quite certain yet how I will be doing that. At this point in time I will more than likely use Angel Breath Books’ Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/angelbreathbooks/) and will give away copies of my books to people who comment on my page and/or ask me questions. I might even give away a ‘Searching for Sara’ book purse created by Novel Creations. (Yes, it is a purse made from the cover of my book). Gift cards are always good as well, so one or two of those may pop up once I figure out the best way to disseminate the prizes. 🙂

Once I decide on physical and digital prizes, I will post a detailed list either here at my blog or on my Facebook page. Please forgive my fumbling around. This year is a learning experience for me as I attempt to find my love of writing once again.

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