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Mike & Nona @ Safeco Field, Seattle

My name is Nona King, and I am an independent writing and editing professional.

Writing has been my passion since childhood. At the age of 16 I began writing my young adult fiction series Changing Scenes and several inspirational romance novels. Living through these characters seemed the only safe way for a shy girl like me to experiment with the choices and actions that came with life.

In college I changed my major three times, from Music to Teaching to English Literature. It was during this time I began writing skits, songs, and full-length plays for my home church, Canby New Life Foursquare. This afforded me the opportunity to direct, act, and even sing in front of an audience. It became one of the best experiences of my life.

In my late 20s, my friends introduced me to the wonderful realm of science fiction and fantasy through video games. In 1999 I created the website, The Mintfield, and posted both my original fiction and fan-fiction to the web. I also began submitting my writing to online publishing sites specializing in fan-fiction such as RPGamer [their fanfiction section is no more], Fanfiction.net, RPGfan, and IcyBrian.

In 2002, I dedicated The Mintfield entirely to my novellas, short stories, and poems written based on the characters and worlds I discovered through these games. One of my favorites of these fan-fiction novellas is a medieval/steampunk romance titled Terra, which has been re-released as Serra in the compendium Soul of the Mago. Names and places have been changed due to copyrights. The other, my military/sci-fi series Bookworms and Booya! is in the process of being re-written, also due to copyrights.

For my original fiction I created Angel Breath Books. In 2008, with my foray into the National Novel Writing Month and introduction to CreateSpace print-on-demand publishing, ABB blossomed into a small publishing company specializing in works of fantasy and romance. Its debut novel was my paranormal fantasy, To Save a Soul.

My characters have a life outside of my own. They have dreams and failures the like of which I cannot even dream. They have a path I would not dare follow. In that respect I have something to learn from their waiting destiny, and it is that destiny I strive to tell, to the fullest extent, so that someone like myself – sheltered in Christiandom – can learn something about the other side.

Janine, Marcus, the unnamed villain… they have all taught me something of the darker side of destiny.

I am a writer, and I adore the spinning of the unwritten tale – that lesson waiting to be divulged to others. What tale will this day reveal? I have but to open my heart and mind and listen.

Nona King


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