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a good day

Today is a good day. Why do I say such things? One simple truth–correction. Make that two simple truths: God is in His heaven Inspiration lives What is this nonsense about Inspiration? For a writer, there is nothing quite as powerful as inspiration. Negative:… Continue Reading “a good day”

writer’s rust

Do you ever feel like you’ve forgotten how to write? Like, it’s been so long away from the keyboard (or pen and paper for the old school) that you think everything you write is simply straight-up crap? Well, maybe not straight-up crap, that’s a… Continue Reading “writer’s rust”

looking back to see forward

When I first started writing novels, I was sixteen years of age. There was no question in my mind about subject or purpose; I had a crystalline view of the characters, their story, and the struggles and blessings along the way. That young adult… Continue Reading “looking back to see forward”