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Enter NaNoWriMo

Five years ago I participated [and won] my 6th consecutive NaNoWriMo. Now I’m back and feeling a bit intimated, but not nearly as terrified as I thought I would considering the hubs asked me yesterday at lunch whether or not I was going to… Continue Reading “Enter NaNoWriMo”

Through the Storm

As we drove through the wind and rain of Hurricane Michael on Thursday, it seemed so similar to our spiritual walk. Oftentimes we are so engrossed with our struggles that we don’t take into account how much worse it could be if we were… Continue Reading “Through the Storm”

Light at the End

Yesterday was a busy day. Packing, directing, answering questions, etc. Tomorrow will be another busy and exhausting day. Directing. Loading. Disassembling. Questioning. Then driving to Raleigh after all is finished. But the whirlwind is just another way of knowing that the end is near.… Continue Reading “Light at the End”