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settling in, revisited

This past year has skipped and galloped by without mercy. Let’s review: Next to nothing was accomplished, by me, on any of my large writing projects. On the other hand, I did start conceptualizing a prequel for Munwar Meek of my fantasy adventure series.… Continue Reading “settling in, revisited”

Roanoke, by Angela Hunt

I just finished reading Roanoke: The Lost Colony by Angela Hunt this afternoon. I have always been fascinated by the history of the lost colony of Roanoke, so imagine my surprise when not only did my husband’s job take us to the very island,… Continue Reading “Roanoke, by Angela Hunt”

forest of the unyielding

I started writing a “campaign module” today. I’m calling the adventure ‘The Forest of the Unyielding‘. The hubs and I have had many,┬ámany conversations about me leading a table-top campaign/adventure. He believes I will take to it well. Me? I have an inkling I… Continue Reading “forest of the unyielding”